Tips for the Successful Manager/Supervisor

Learn how to delegate
Use sincere praise
Seek employee input for change
Screen applicants with appropriate testing
Create an employee reward/bounty program for new hire referrals
Do not hire husband/wife, parent/child teams – if one is terminated, the other may become a problem employee
Long commutes usually lead to a disgruntled employee – take an applicants commute into consideration when hiring
Set up a complete and ongoing training program
Pair up each new hire with a long time employee as a mentor
Cross train employees whenever possible
Never correct an employee in front of his peers – use a private office
Be available and approachable at all times
If industry certification is available, encourage employees through education subsidy/reimbursement and increased pay
Encourage employee improvement through education and training
Never ask an employee to do something you wouldn’t do yourself
Lead by example whenever possible
Reward outstanding employee performance
Time off
Acknowledge in front of peers
Set up a vacation calendar – pick by seniority
Apply policies uniformly – no favorites
Formally review employee performance on a regular basis
Set up a progressive disciplinary policy – verbal, written, suspension, termination
Don’t procrastinate in ridding your organization of a hiring mistake
Encourage employees to better themselves even if it results in losing an outstanding performer
Set realistic goals for performance – modify as circumstances change
Use technology to improve employee productivity
Create and utilize systematic tools to help employee success – checklists, electronic reminders

Mike Burstein
11 Jan 2009