For a corporate company to develop, team building exercises are important because it improves their group skills, communication and bonding. One of the games that can build a team is taking up chocolate challenge. This game is light hearted and requires co-operation, mental and artistic skills. The success of most organizations depends on the ability of individuals to build effective teams. The main goal of team building is to improve productivity and motivation. If employees are taken out from office then they can break down their political and personal barriers, eliminate distractions, and have fun. Some of the benefits of team building are it improves morale and leadership skills, clearly defines objectives and goals, improves organizational productivity, improves the ability to problem solve. Going to a pub, having a pizza together, playing pool, going bowling this is team building. On a team building day, the participants will learn how to be more effective, efficient and achieve results while at the same time have lots of fun. The result would be that company will make instant benefits.

Various corporate team building activities include Programme enhancement, team machine, chocolate challenge, team tasks, rocket scientists, black cab chase, TV experience, carbon positive challenge, corporate social responsibility, and so on. There are certain factors that you have to note when trying to bring a team closer together. In today’s environment you will see that people bond only with those people who are sitting next to you or in a specific department, leading to the common rifts between accountants and salespersons or customer services and middle management. It is important that you put all these people together in an event that requires a balance of skills and teamwork to improve their ability to collaborate. Secondly, bringing in joint goals is key success for any corporate team building event. The team leader must explain to their colleagues the purpose of the event so that they can feel their importance, which is key to a happy office. In a game, assigning roles to your team members may make them feel how important they are to the organization.

Certain team building exercise such as sailing trip or quad bike can make them realize their roles and improve their quick decision making and learn responsibility in a non-work environment. To build a good team, communication plays a vital role. Colleagues should be able to speak up their problems to team leaders, as to what is preventing them from achieving their goal. If employees are able to communicate openly with their team leaders, they can work better. One more important thing to note is that everyone should have fun, so outdoor events should take place like go-kart racing or paint balling that can bring team members together in a competitive task which also gives boss a run for his money. An activity day can bring staff together in some friendly competitive banter, forgoing new bonds and pushing the practical benefits of communication to the forefront. Rewarding good team work in an event can build team spirit.

John George Peter
14 Nov. 2008