Have you ever really taken the time to notice popular people! You know the ones, they have so much charisma and they seem so comfortable in their own skin. These are the kind of people that know exactly who they are. They don’t need anyone to validate them.

So how do people really show true leadership! Here is a little secret. Make others feel comfortable and tell them that everything is going to be alright. Most people are really just scared. Scared of what the future will bring and scared of just not knowing. If you reassure people, it brings a calmness about them and you will be someone they feel comfortable with and safe around.

When speaking to others, look them in the face. Don’t show disinterest in what they are saying but really just listen to them. True leaders don’t interrupt conversations and they wait until others are finished speaking before they speak themselves.

Here are five traits of true leadership:

1) Don’t ever gossip:
Have you ever heard a leader put down another person! Like the president of a company gossiping about another person. You know why they don’t? It’s not important and they are more secure with who they are then to worry about what others are doing or saying.

2) Stop Complaining:
The only people that complain are the ones that are insecure with their own lives. They need validation that everything will be fine or that they will get the job they want. True leaders don’t need validation.

3) Speak Increase into Others:
People who are leaders have their entire focus on you. They aren’t waiting for you to tell them how great they are. Their entire focus is on how you are, what they can do for you and how they can help.

4) Be a good Listener:
Great leaders are great listeners. People want to be heard so be a good listener.

5) Make People Feel Safe:
They do not lean on others. Anxiety, worry and struggle are not in their vocabulary.

Those are the traits of a true leader. When you really think about it, it doesn’t take much to acquire the same character traits. By learning from others, you can then go and apply what you have learned which will bring about more confidence within yourself. Everything takes time so you just need to take that first step. Follow a true leader around for awhile and you will soon be walking in his/her footsteps

Adrienne Smith
13 Nov. 2008

Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Adrienne_Smith