How to Become a Leader in the Eyes of Those You Admire

I know many of us look up to all those great people in many different fields and we always get inspired by the things they are able to accomplish and do. Many times people look for this motivation but if you want to become a leader yourself like those people you definitely should pay attention to everything and what all those you admire are about. Becoming a leader is a process that takes time to achieve but once you get there you will have people admiring you that you might have admire for years.

The one advise one of my mentors gave me once and this it because I had the courage to go up to him and ask him about it. He told me to live my life like a superstar and always act like someone is watching you. I was amazed by that piece of advise and is something I never forgot and I always keep in mind.

It is crazy to think that the only way I was able to get this advise and know this was because I had the courage to go up to someone I looked up to. Whenever you have the chance to go up to someone you admire just take and don’t give yourself a what if kind of moment just do it.

When you begin getting that courage to go up to those you admire is when you begin to realize how much you want to be a leader and is the right step. Leaders always take initiative action and by taking that first action you are taking the first step to becoming a leader.

Omar Negron
22 Dec. 2008